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Clarifying the executor process one step, one day, and one tool at a time

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Settling a loved one’s estate can be time consuming. We’re here to make sure it doesn’t become all consuming.

Putting a loved one’s affairs in order doesn’t have to be a daunting affair. Clear Estate’s one-stop solution opens up simpler, faster, more transparent and affordable ways to close out your loved one’s affairs.

Digital task list

Digital task list, executor guidance and calendar

Document storage

Document storage with mobile upload options

Beneficiary portal

Beneficiary portal and communication templates

Automated form

Automated form filling and activity log

Discovery Toolkit

Assets and liabilities discovery toolkit

Estate appraisal

Estate appraisal, cost estimates and inheritance calculator

Settling estate can take up to 16 months
and over 400 hours.

However, no two estates are the same.
Depending on your circumstances, cost and time may vary.


Locate will


Family Conference

Inventory assets and liabilities


Manage estate

Tax Filing

Fund distribution

Find out what’s ahead for you with your custom executor roadmap

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Designed for clarity
and peace of mind

CheckmarkFeel secure while fulfilling your duties.

CheckmarkManage all your assets in a convenient space.

CheckmarkOffer transparency to others and save time.

CheckmarkDo it all without a degree in accounting or finance.

CheckmarkAllow yourself to focus on what matters the most.

CheckmarkHave a clear view on what is ahead.

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Save time and money

120 Hours

$ 8,500

On average, an estate can take up to 6-18 months to settle.
With Clear Estate, independent executors can save up to 120 hours and $8,500 in fees.

As an executor, you’ve been entrusted by a loved one.
You can trust in us to help you through.

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